G.C.C. Approved Medical Centres' Association (GAMCA)
Sylhet, Bangladesh
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Our Members
ABC Diagnostic Centre
Medinova Medical Services
98 Kazalshah,
Sylhet ,
Al-Hamad Medical Center Ltd.
86 Waives, Amberkhana Road,
Sylhet, Bangladesh
JB Medical Center
House # 40/1 Nabarun,
Khan Complex Upashahar Main Road,
Sonarpara, Sylhet-3100,
Green Crescent Medilab
Time Square, Shibgonj Upzela,
Sonapara, Sylhet,
Phone : +880821760601
Al-Khaled Medical Services
Mouban (Ground Floor),
Sobhani Ghat, Sylhet ,
Phone : +880821722611
Medi Aid Diagnostic Center
Medical Road, South Dorgah Gate,
Near Majar, Sylhet,
Phone : 00880821720906
Sylhet City Medical Centre
House # 79, Road # 3, Block # E,
Uposhahar, Sylhet,
Phone : +88 0821 719494
Healthfirst Medical Centre
Kumarpara, Sylhet,
Phone : +88 0821 728336
A. Rahman Medical Center
Averest Center, 1st Floor,
Noberun-71, Sahajalalupshar Road,
Sylhet – Bangladesh
Phone : +880821760841
Welcome to GAMCA Sylhet, Bangladesh

On the 5th April 2005 it started its expedition by the name "GAMCA Sylhet" which is located in the Hotel Polash Building, Amberkhana, Airport road Sylhet. With an area of 3000 square feet and a charming fully air conditioned interior environment it is a very friendly organization for the passengers traveling to KSA, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar and UAE. Till its onset it has earned a trustworthy organization in the locality as well as in the country. The word GAMCA stands for GCC approved Medical Centers Association.

Bangladesh is a developing country. A good number of its population is going to Gulf countries for job and earning a huge remittance for motherland. Prior to leave this country all the passenger need to have a medical fitness card. For the passengers of Sylhet, Gulf Countries Committee (GCC) approved four renowned diagnostic laboratories of Sylhet namely ABC Diagnostic Center, Chowhatta, Sylhet, Medinova Medical Services Ltd., 98 Kazalshah, Sylhet, Al-Hamad Medical Center Ltd., Malik House, 86 Waives, Amberkhana Road, Sylhet and JB Medical Center Ltd., House # 29, Road # 37, Block-C Shahjalal Upashahar, Sylhet to perform medial check up for the passengers traveling to those countries. These four medical centers constituted GAMCA Sylhet under the dynamic guidance of its president Mr. Anwer Hussain Khan, Representative from ABC Diagnostic Center and Secretary General. Mr. Abdus Subhan Bhuiyan representative of Al-Hamad Medical Center. Four well trained staffs are the nucleus service provider of the office maintenance. Since its inception GAMCA, Sylhet is successfully providing all the service related to medical check up for its passenger traveling to Gulf countries and they are committed to go ahead.

The Services We Provide

  • To develop and coordinate amongst the member Medical Centres Performing medical check-up of the passengers bound for Gulf States.

  • To bring homogeneity and equality among the member Medical Centres

  • To implement and execute the guidelines provided by the Executive Board of the Health Minister' Council for the G.C.C States to the Member Medical Centres and to take necessary steps against defiance of the guidelines.
GAMCA Procedure for Passengers

  • The Office of GAMCA will receive the medical request slips from all the sources.

  • The GAMCA office will issue computerized referral number called as "GAMCA number" to the candidates along with the name of medical center to report for medical examination.

  • GAMCA office will inform the medical centers about the particulars of the candidates refferred to them for medical examination.


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